I’m both pumped and intimidated. And now that this New Big Project has spread from my head to my heart, I must be committed (one way or another).

This NBP was triggered by something Steven King said in a recent interview I found online. The work I’m embarking on will be horror and, alas, also non-fiction.


Achieving success at the levels intended will require reawakening the research, interviewing, and writing skills cultivated during my nearly 20 years in journalism.

It will require stretching the data management skills built over nearly 20 years in a subsequent career in information technology.

I have no doubt it will demand other skills I can’t yet imagine.


Do you want to know what was it that King said to energize me so?

If you are at all curious about what Steven King said that supercharged me, I wish you happy hunting.

Instead of me telling you that a specific Steven King phrase is golden, I suggest you carve out some regular time to listen to him and other great writers.  There a millions of Web pages “on writing” that distil the wisdom of the sages.  Many of them are superb, and I do visit them regularly.

Many Web pages give us direct access to listen to or read from great writers.  I lean on Google, YouTube, and other online resources.  And books. And writing trade magazines. And writers’ groups online and in person. Enough of this.  My muse is awakening from a brief nap, and we must convene.